In addition to the assignments below, each student is required to lead one 5-minute discussions on a technology news issue. The discussions will occur during the first 5 minutes of each class period. Go to the Course Outline for your assigned dates.

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Assignment Description Skills
Project 1 Student Bio – set up a site with at least four pages with bio info.. links and one image (photo). One page will be an assignment page that will hold links to other projects. intermediate html
CSS Exercise Student Bio Redesign – Apply CSS to Project 1 to create design and layout of the page CSS
Project 2 Student Bio Redesign – Use HTML/CSS, Photoshop and Responsive Design, to completely redesign the personal site you made with html. HTML & CSS
responsive design
Troubleshooting Quiz Fix problems on an existing page to demonstrate code knowledge. Troubleshooting html, css, responsive design
Project 3 Hobby or organization site-set up a Web site for a hobby or organization that you are affiliated (4 pages total). Must be a new site, not a redesign of an existing site. Use responsive design css. Bootstrap and Photoshop; responsive design
iMovie Exercise apply basic video editing concepts like cropping, splitting clips, adding audio, transitions, so you can use them in your final project. Movie
Final Project Final Project & Draft – use WordPress to design your Final Project – a multimedia reporting site. use all or any of the html/css, design, multimedia, or framework skills that best fit nature of reporting project; use of CMS