For my final project, I wanted to take a look at the lives of retail workers. I’ve worked at the Levi’s outlet here in San Marcos for most of the time I’ve been in college. It’s the highest volume Levi’s store in the Texas/ Oklahoma district and I thought it would be interesting to show what goes on behind the scenes, because working retail is can be one of the best/awful experiences a person can have. I want to interview my managers and co-workers, show how much shipment is processed, and I’d really love to interview some of our customers if they’ll let me.

I would like to have the homepage be for my actual story with pictures and video embedded throughout, but I’d like to have another page with all of the interviews of my co-workers and customers. I’d also like to try to embed a map that shows the different countries our customers travel from to shop at our store.┬áThe part I’m struggling with is coming up with ideas for other pages. So far I thought I could have a page for images of things that go on at our store that customers don’t see (our big holiday meeting, floor set, etc.), a fashion page featuring my coworkers (because at Levi’s you have to dress brand-appropriate), or maybe a page dedicated to the”retail horror stories.”

I tried out the site to draw out my homepage. I’d like to have my multimedia material embedded among the text and then have links across the top that lead to different pages, which will be mostly videos and pictures. It looks a little too Bootstrap-y in this but I’d like the final product to look more original.

Screenshot 2014-11-09 21.27.56

Final Project

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