Objective: Use all the skills gained during the course to complete an extensive, multimedia reporting project. You will use WordPress as a CMS, iMovie to edit video and YouTube to host it, WP Plugins to add desired functionality and any other tools we covered.

A draft of the interface (the basic WordPress site design) of the final project will be due two weeks before the end of the semester.


    • Select a topic that lends toward an extensive use of your skills. This should be a journalistic reporting project. Arrange appropriate interviews, photos, or recording as necessary. Contact appropriate sources.
    • Create a complete Web site using WordPress as CMS. Find a good Bootstrap-driven theme to start and then customize.
    • Install the site under a subdomain. See instructions in handout.
    • Your site must include at least one video (or more) and one photo slideshow (find a theme that has a slideshow or use a plugin). Extra consideration will be made if you include a data element (Google Maps, Google Charts, Wordle, Chartle, etc.)
    • Include at least 3 plugins/widgets – Photo content slider, Twitter widget, social sharing, etc.
    • Carefully plan sections and organize your time to allow for creating appropriate graphics, obtain photos and other information.
    • The site should include at least 4 different sections, represented by separate pages.
    • The emphasis on this project is new information and reporting. It should not be a hobby, portfolio, personal or promotional site. Graphics and photography should also be your original work.
    • Make sure your contact info and date is available on the site. Pay careful attention to any other detail that we have discussed over the semester (good to review past project critiques).
    • Make sure project is linked to your assignment page.