Pictured from left to right: Meg Turney,

Annie Werner, Kolten Parker and Trei



A panel of social media experts speak to Texas State Students for Mass Comm Week


On October 20th, a gamer girl (Meg Turney @megturney), an artistic blogger (Annie Werner @annie_werner), a journalist (Kolten Parker @KoltenParker) and a coding master (Trei Brundrett @clockwerks) took the stage to give advice to students about boosting their online presence. The four panelists who come from different backgrounds and have different personalities made for a very entertaining and engaging presentation. Very good advice was given to students but not without a ton of laughs. Some of the key points that were taken away from the presentation is the notion that content is king. If good content is created then somebody will find it and in turn will find you. The last key point is being creative online. There are endless opportunities online to create whatever interests anyone. As Trei Brundrett said, “Code is creativity.”

Getting Creative with Your Digital Career

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