On Monday, October 20th, we got to hear what Cindy called a “panel full of rockstars.” And they truly were.

My favorite speaker probably had to be Meg Turney, because I love her sense of humor. It was great seeing her voice her opinion on almost every question and subject being discussed. She’s a great person to follow in her footsteps if you’re a female wanting to work in the tech world.

What I liked about Annie Werner was her professionalism. I thought all the speakers were going to be straight forward and just get down to the points, but they all joked around. Having Annie next to Meg was great to see different personalities interacting.

Kolten Parker was a great choice to have as a speaker because he’s definitely relatable to current students. The fact that he’s an alumnus and now works for the San Antonio Express-News, shows that every student is capable of having a job soon after graduating if they work towards their goal.

I didn’t get to hear much said from Trie Brundrett, but I do remember laughing a lot on his turns to speak.

Over all, I enjoyed listening to this panel because it was not only incredibly helpful, but it gave me a sense of what I have to do in my remaining college journey: be creative and make lots of things online. Employers will google employee candidates, and they want to see what they have in their personal brand. Also, it comes in really handy if we know a bit about HTML, which I definitely need to work on.

Here’s a picture I got to take of the panel while Cindy introduced them:

L to R: Meg Turney, Annie Werner, Kolten Parker, Trei Brundrett, Cindy Royal
L to R: Meg Turney, Annie Werner, Kolten Parker, Trei Brundrett, and Cindy Royal


And here I found Meg Turney’s website. It will lead to you basically all of her existing sites.

Getting creative with your digital career

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