iMovie exercise – Use iMovie to learn some basic video editing

Objective: Use iMovie to create a short video including your own clips.


  • Use the features of iMovie discussed in class and on the tutorial to create a short movie
  • Bring clips to class. Shoot interviews and b-roll. Any topic is fine for this exercise.
  • Open a new Project in iMovie. Import the clips to a new event.
    • In iMovie, use the handout and tutorial to include the following
      • At least 3 clips edited properly
      • B-roll (cutaway)¬†while the audio from another clip continues
      • At least one transition
      • At least one title.
      • Any other features you’d like to include
      • Video should be no longer than 90 seconds in total
  • When you are finished with the video, choose Share and save to a file.
  • Upload to YouTube. You can use an existing Google account to start a YouTube account, or make a new one.
  • Find the embed code for your video.
  • Embed this video on your Assignment Page and re-fetch it to your public_html folder.
  • Test everything!