Being one who isn’t too tech savvy or that knew much history of the internet, I found these videos very intriguing. I really enjoyed how they took a theatrical aspect in the telling of story in the first video. The story kept tuned in the whole. One of the most interesting things to me in the first video was the competitive nature of the companies. It was fascinating to see how motivated the employees were for their product to succeed. Just come to show how much passion you need to have in a fast changing and competitive field of work. The second video on how the search emerged was interesting to me because I remember starting out using yahoo and making the move to use google. Now knowing the story behind the start of the search engines, a lot of my time using the two really makes sense. I liked how driven Google was and how much they believed in their idea. The third video was very relatable because most of the software and social networks that were discussed I had, in one point time used or came across. I think its very true that all these ideas for sharing did open a gateway for users to be more active and participatory. I think that’s what makes the internet such a prominent part of lives today. We are contributing and putting our creativity and thoughts out there for others to see, rather than just viewing.

All 3 of the videos showed various founders and CEO’s that started out with a simple idea and made it grow into something that they almost never could have imagined. I think that each of them portrayed a keen sense of drive and belief in their idea and that’s what made them so motivated and driven. Each an innovator of the Internet to bring about a newer, faster, and more efficient way to use the web. I think the one thing I learned from all of them is that you have complete and total belief in your idea and to learn from what others have done in the past. Innovation was the ke to each of the companies, startups, and networks they created.

Social NetworksSince the video series came out a lot has happened in the realm of digital media and technology. Specifically with social networking. The third video finished with this dramatic competition between Myspace and Facebook as being new versus new. However, we all know the end to that story. Facebook has become the dominant and fastest growing social media site on the internet. An article entitled How Facebook Beat Myspace by Adam Hartung was published on back in January 2011 that explains that popularity growth of Facebook and decline of Myspace. Even with the emergence of Twitter, Facebook is still the leading social network. It has become part of daily habit to post, like, and share in order to stay connected with others. Twitter has also become a new platform for sharing thoughts and breaking news for users and companies. I think social media has really seen the biggest growth recently since the video series came out.

Innovation is Key

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