It was very hard not to think about how it felt to walk into Building 34 at Goddard or Building 2 at JSC when I listened to the panel on web development at this years Mass Comm week.

Josue Plaza,  Glynn Jordan and Ashley Hebler all spoke of this intangible and hopefully not ephemeral experience of the joy they find in going to work.

Since we have the wonders of web 2.0 Ill let them explain who they are and what they work on.

The journey of a web designer.

From template to UI.

Glynn made a few jokes about working at NASA and building space craft. We all found out he not so secretly wants to do just that one day. After the talk I went to speak with him about his dreams and tried to help point him in a few of the directions that might help him get to NASA as ether a web developer or Aerospace Technologist. He did say he might return to school for a masters in engineering to help with building a space ship.  I loved his and the other panelists passion for their work and the fact that they all played with Legos when they were younger.  Their comments and insights help affirm a few things I thought about management and I saw some new avenues I could take to achieve my goals. All in all a good panel.

Mass Comm Week and Digital Legos

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