This was my first time attending Mass Communication Week at Texas State and I truly did enjoy it. The university where I got my undergraduate degree in Dubai had Mass Communication week but it was nothing like Texas State’s. There were so many lectures and much enthusiasm making it a nice experience.

I was part of the “Texas State Graduate Student Panel Gives Advice to Aspiring Bobcats” panel. During this 60-minute discussion a group of graduate students spoke to a larger group of undergraduate students. We answered specific questions that would give undergraduates an understanding about what to expect if they decide to go to grad school. It was so interesting speaking to these “youngsters” because that was me once upon a time! I’m glad I participated in this panel! I couldn’t help but think I wish I had attended a discussion like this one before I went to grad school.

I also attended the “Careers in Web development: a panel discussion”. The panel included Texas State graduates, Ashley Hebler, Josue Plaze and Glynn Jordan. These former students discussed their experience post graduation and the journey their web development careers took them on. They told the audience how they got there and shared some insightful advice for the future.


Mass Communication Week

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