Date Topic/Skill Readings/Handouts Due
Aug. 31 Review Syllabus, Schedule, Introductions

History of Internet & Web

Searching the Web, How Web Works


Watch before class next week: The Internet: Behind the Web.
Create a post on our Slack discussion: What was most interesting, what didn’t you know before watching?

Sept. 7

News: Cindy

Basic Web Design

Before class: Watch all the HTML Tutorials on We’ll review in class.


Sept. 14

News: Steffanie and Jordan

HTML continued

Publishing Your Site

Work on Project 1 outside of class, so you can complete and upload it by the end of class today.

Due: Setup your Reclaim Hosting account with domain.

Bio Project 1 Due

Sept. 21

News: Charles and Annabel

Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) for formatting a website

Weekend assignment: Do a Slack post – find three sites you think are well designed and why? Provide links, screenshots of images that demonstrate your points.

Before class: Watch the tutorials on CSS and Photoshop.

CSS Exercise: Apply CSS for graphics and layout to your HTML site
Sept. 28

News: Anna

Design Principles

  • Basic Design Principles for Non-Designers – handout- on TRACS in Resources.
  • Watch videos: Download: The True Story of the Internet; blog post about video. Watch Parts I – Browsers, II – Search. Each section is about 45 minutes long, so give yourself time). Make a Slack post about the videos. What elements were the most interesting? What did you learn about innovation by watching these videos? What has happened in the realm of digital media and technology since this video series came out?

Oct. 5

News: Bailey

Responsive Design

Project 2 Redesign Personal Site due
Oct. 12

News: Jeanette

No class. Attending SXSW Eco Assignment:

Critique a Student’s Site – you will be assigned a student’s site to provide your own critique. Do this in the #sitecritique Slack channel. Include the url and consider design, color scheme, layout and content. Provide helpful criticism for the site owner.

Watch Videos:  IV – People Power (feel free to watch Part III as well, but it’s not required. Each section is about 45 minutes long, so give yourself time). Make a Slack post about the video on #peoplepower channel. What elements were the most interesting? What has happened in social media since this video was made? What are the trends for the future of social media?

Watch Bootstrap Tutorials

Oct. 19

News: Chuck


Oct. 24-28 Mass Comm Week You will attend Mass Comm Week sessions and make posts detailing what you learned. Use Twitter and Instagram during anything you attend. Use #mcweek16 and #omdesign for your posts. Use the #mcweek Slack channel for your overall post. Attend lots of sessions during MC Week!
Nov. 2

News: Ila

Bootstrap Carousel and other advanced features Bootstrap Tutorials, including Bootstrap Carousel and Effects – custom.js – download and put in your js folder to use for parallax backgrounds and scroll-to-anchor effects.

Project 3: Hobby/Org project due
Nov. 9

News: Jeff


Multimedia Journalism – We’ll review great work examples.

iMovie Handout & Exercise
Nov. 16

News: Rachel

Wordpress Intro to WordPress – using a Content Management System
Nov. 23 No class – Thanksgiving
Nov. 30

News:Jeremy and Breanna

Wordpress, continued

Fun with Plugins
Dec. 7

News: Erika

Data Journalism
Work on Final Project draft


Data Journalism – Pinterest Data Viz examples

Data Journalism Handbook

Work on Final Projects

Final Project Draft Due
Dec. 14 Present Final Projects Final Project due