pageProject 1- Student Bio Page

Objective: Use the basics of html to make a personal Web site.


    • You must code this assignment entirely in html.
    • Use Text Wrangler (or other html editor)  to insert the proper html tags. Use appropriate headings to structure each of your pages.
    • Site must have a total of at least four pages. Pages can represent  separate areas of your personal site, like home, interests, contact.
    • One page will be an assignment page that will link to all other projects.
    • Have appropriate content on each page (exception is the Assignments Page, you will add to that as you create new projects). Each page should have at least a couple of paragraphs of content.
    • Decide on an appropriate navigation strategy. Just use text links in a list.
    • Include one photo. Don’t worry about modifying the image in Photoshop yet. We will do that for Project 2, and you can include more photos at that time.
    • Include at least one table on the site.
    • Include at least three external links to sites of interest.
    • Make sure you include your email address somewhere on the site (do not have to use a mailto link, but can if you wish – just make sure the text on the page is your actual email address)
    • Add a date to the bottom of the home page. Update this every time you make a change.
    • Make sure you save the pages with .html extension.
    • Upload all associated files using Fetch to your Web site.