Project 2- Student Bio Redesign

Objective: Use HTML/CSS and Photoshop to redesign the personal site you made with html. You will apply Responsive Design techniques.


    • You will use the html and css with html editor (Text Wrangler or other), and the graphics program, Photoshop, for this project.
    • For this and all subsequent projects, you must attach a stylesheet to each page.
    • Use divs for formatting each page.
    • Use responsive design techniques for fluid width, fluid images, media queries and viewport meta tag.
    • Site must have a total of at least five pages. Pages can represent separate areas of the site, like home, about, contact, links, etc. You must add one additional page to the site that you did not already have, something to do with a specific hobby or interest.
    • Decide on an appropriate navigation strategy. Use use text links in a list with a hover.
    • Include at least one or more appropriate photos or graphics.
      Photos must be optimized with Photoshop.
    • Design your own graphics, including a site logo, in Photoshop.
    • Include at least three external links to relevant sites.
    • Make sure you include your email address somewhere in site.
    • Add a date to the bottom of the home page. Update this every time you make a change.
    • Make sure you save the page with a .html extension.
    • Upload all associated files to the main directory of your Web site (this will overwrite the files from the first project)