Project 3- Hobby or organization site

Objective: Use Bootstrap to make a site for a hobby or organization.


    • You will use the the Web development framework Bootstrap to create your site. You will also use Photoshop in designing this project.
    • Use a stylesheet. Bootstrap will provide a stylesheet, but you will make your changes in a custom stylesheet, so as to not modify the original Bootstrap css. You can use my bootstrap template to get started or start from scratch with the basic Bootstrap layout. See the zip file on the course outline.
    • All content must be in a div or appropriate HTML5 element. See the Bootstrap Grid system to understand how to accomplish your desired layout.
    • Site must have a total of at least four pages. Pages can represent separate areas of the site, like home, about, contact, links, etc. You can also use the “one-page” method where all your sections are parts of one page with navigation via anchors.
    • Decide on an appropriate navigation strategy. Use bootstraps <nav> to design your navigation.
    • Include at least one or more appropriate photos or graphics. You should include a site logo or something unique on the introductory page.
    • Make a Carousel for a photo slideshow. Refer to Carousel Tutorial for instructions.
    • Include at least three external links to relevant sites.
    • Make sure you include your email address and date at an appropriate location on the site.
    • Make sure you save all pages with a .html extension.
    • Upload all associated files and folders to your Web site. Make a new folder and subdomain for this project.
    • Make sure you have a link from your Assignment page to the home page of the new folder.

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