Hello to all, again!

My name is Evelyn Gaytan, and I’m from the valley in South Texas. ¬†I’m currently a junior majoring in journalism, minoring in Spanish.

The only time I learned anything about the Internet was in Dr. Fluker’s class, but after watching this video there are plenty of new things I learned. For example, I found it very interesting that the Internet was responsible for one-third of the economical growth in 1998. Who would have thought it would have such a great impact on the economy? Another thing I didn’t know was how email became so widely popular within a year of beginning to transfer¬†files.

The Internet has come a long way, and will only keep improving. I’m excited to be part of this generation who might impact it greatly as well.

And here is a link to the first typewriter, invented. I know it’s a bit off topic, but I found these images so amazing.


First typewriter invented
The Start of the Internet

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