web-browser-warBill Gates dropped out of Harvard.. Wouldn’t it be nice for all of us to drop out of college and come up with a million dollar idea? And who would’ve thought Gates was so sassy. I mean I guess with “all that power” you can be whatever you want to be. Then boom, Netscape. Watching this was actually suspenseful, especially with the background music at some points. I kept wanting to know what’s about to happen next! Good for Netscape wanting to take out Microsoft. I am all for the technology wars because that competition is what always brings in the next “new thing” and it’s fun watching companies go back and forth competing each other. But this “browser war” is just more than intense! Gates did not mess around. He wanted to constantly be on top, and he would take down anyone that got in his way. For someone who is not fully into technology like the people in this video, it’s so funny to see how serious the browser wars get between the companies! I can only imagine how crazy this was for the people within these companies. But oh my goodness! How incredible that Bill Gates would really throw it in Netscapes face by having a celebration in San Fransisco and then dropping the E in the Netscape fountain! Like how childish! I almost wanted to cry for Netscape at the end of this video.

A world without Google?! Ewww, do you expect me to go to the library? Joking! The library can be helpful. But today it’s just too easy to search for anything online. It’s crazy how someone can just invest 12 million dollars into a startup! But look at Google now. Those investors are probably glad they invested when they did! I think Google was so successful because of how simple it was to navigate on their website, as well as the advertisements they brought into the mix. I love how their motto was “don’t be evil.” And once again, here comes Microsoft trying to take another company down.

I feel like as time goes on, some of these browsers and social media will fade off the earth. Do we ever hear about Mosaic? Absolutely not. Soon enough people won’t even know what MySpace is. Essentially, the weak will fall, and the strong will thrive and keep up with the times as technology evolves. Of course, Facebook came along and then MySpace fell off the earth. Granted, without Myspace I wouldn’t have been exposed to HTML and wanting to learn more about it.

Wait, what’s MySpace?

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